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The "National"BasqueFestival

held each weekend closest to the 4th of July weekend

Elko, Nevada

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         Basque Surnames in Elko--on this page

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         How to pronounce words in Basque--on this page

2013 Festival Dates & Schedule ------50th National Basque Festival & NABO Convention July4-7, 2013

General Membership Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the clubhouse at 7pm.

Club Address and e-mail

Come join us in Elko this year!!!

Calendar for the North American Basque Organization 
(31 Basque clubs are members of N.A.B.O.)

UDALEKU-Basque Music Camp

Is generally held in different cities each year generally the two weeks prior to the National Festival in Elko.
In 2003 it will be held in San Francisco, California
Who may attend? 
Members of NABO Member Clubs 10 years old and up.
Want to see pictures taken at camp?
Great for those wanting to know more about Basque Culture and make new friends!.

Basque Surnames in Nevada
not including
the Las Vegas and Reno areas.


More Basque Websites

NABO's link to many websites

Buber's Award Winning Page's


Cultural Anthropology -- University of Minnesota Duluth

Boise Basque Museum-great oral histories available here

There are many Basque sites all over the world. In SEARCH besides "Basque" try "eusk".

More Elko, Nevada Website

Western Folklife Home of the "National Poetry Gathering"

Elko Chamber of Commerce

City of Elko

Great Basin College

Elko Convention and Visitors Authority

Northeastern Nevada Museum

Elko General Merchandise Co., Inc.-also known as Anacabe's Store

See what "The Nevada Complete Traveler" has to say about
Anacabe's Elko General Merchandise.


These wave files do take a while to download.

How to prounce the vowels, some numbers and some letter combinations in Euskera (Basque.)

a   e    i    o    u

Bat - "one"
Bi - "two"
Iru - "three"
Lau - "four"
Bost - "five"
Sei - "six"
Zazpi - "seven"
Zortzi - "eight"
Bederatzi - "nine"
Amar - "ten"


 There is no c, ch, q, v or w in the Basque alphabet.
Those come from Spanish.

Just alittle song.

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